4 Summer Cocktails To Get You Through Winter

We’re in that super awkward weather stage, where days are balmy and nights are freezing. Which just proves one thing… Winter is officially around the corner (*insert ALL the relevant Game of Thrones quotes here*). And although I’m all about hot chocolate and fuzzy socks, it’s quite sad to see warm weather go. So, to preserve those summer vibes, we tracked down a few floral and fruity summer cocktails at The Artisan in Greenside, that’ll take you back to sunscreen scenes and memories of frozen fruit lollies.

Give these summer cocktails a sip this winter:

1. THE FLOR | Elderflower

This looks like a Great Gatsby concoction, straight from the 1920s. It also smells great, and tastes even better.

2. THE NEW ORLEANS HURRICANE | Granadilla & Orange

On the stronger side, if you’re feeling brave. This rum-based drink will warm you up from the inside, and make you forget it’s winter in no time.


This one’s definitely worth getting if you’re into those cool and quirky cocktails with a WOW factor. Plus, the rosemary smoke adds a completely different layer that you never knew you needed in your life. But you do, trust me.

4. STRAWBERRY MOJITO | Strawberry & Mint

A classic with a strawberry twist. It tastes so good that you forget there’s actually rum in this icy mint refresher. You have been warned.

P.s. they’re all 2-for-1 when you use the ENTERTAINER.



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