Post-Holiday Blues Activities To Cheer You Up

2019 has dawned, which means it’s time to stop reminiscing about Christmas dinner, fabulous Instagram-worthy vacations and that much-needed summer break. It’s time to live in the now, regardless of your current bank balance. The good times may feel over, but these post-holiday blues activities prove that they’re definitely not!

The ENTERTAINER 2019 has got the discounts to make sure you’re always living your best life. I’ve rounded up some post-holiday blues activities that will take you right back to those carefree vacay feels.

1 | Coffee catch-ups

Meet up with your besties and spill your juicy summer holiday deets whilst enjoying a 2-for-1 deal at your favourite coffee hangout. Just because routines are kicking in, doesn’t mean 2019 can’t be filled with fun, spontaneous outings. I personally love a good Starbucks brew and a muffin to go (honestly can’t think of many better post-holiday blues activities, nomnomnom).

2 | Treat yo’self

While just the thought of the everyday 9-5 may take a toll on you, remind yourself that it’s vital to keep up your “me time.” Enjoy a spa treatment or two (because the second one’s free) over the weekend, to get you powered up and ready to take on the new week. A happy, relaxed, self-loving human is a more productive human (well, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway).

3 | Rediscover your adventurous side

In a fast-paced world dominated by technology, sometimes we need to take a step back and enjoy a little adventure. Take the weekend to explore our beautiful country or simply relive your childhood. Don’t allow the stress and pressures of 2019 to get you down – make your free time feel like the summer break you’ve just enjoyed. I recommend making a trip to Phezulu Safari Park or doing the Bungee Mogale. These are the kind of post-holiday blues activities that will quickly make you forget about work tomorrow.

Even though a new year brings new challenges and obstacles, make sure to take time for yourself to do what you love and enjoy. Trying out some post-holiday blues activities is one way to hold on to the festive season vibes for a little longer… who says the fun has to end after summer?

Wishing you all the best for 2019, and happy saving!

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