How To Host A Banging Bridal Week, Cape Town

Yes, I admit, I spent the months before my wedding searching tirelessly for wedding tips. With everyone telling me I only have one shot at it (followed by a, “let’s hope” with a LOL from them and a fake LOL from me), I kept thinking, I need to get this right. Google was spot on: drink water, sleep loads, avoid bloaty foods and stay present. But there was one essential tip missing: How to have a banging bridal week.

A week of gal pal spoils, singledom celebrations and quality time with your queens… Possibly the best way to relax before your big day. Here’s how to do a bridal week right.


1 | Live In Luxury

You’ve got a lifetime of fishing, beers and camping to look forward to (sigh), so why don’t you opt for some luxury with your ladies? Book yourselves into a hotel with the only requirements being: cocktails, loungers, peace and quiet. Log in to your ENTERTAINER -> Select travel -> Start Booking and pick your favourite discounted hotel. I personally love One & Only (and when else do you have such a good excuse to go there?).

2 | Spa It Up

Is it even a bridal week if you don’t go to a spa every day? No, no it’s not. This is an essential part of the banging bridal week itinerary; spend at least an hour a day at Adore Day Spa (or any spa of your choice) enjoying massages, manis, pedis, saunas or whatever treatments you love. With your ENTERTAINER you can double up on the spoils for half the price – win, win!

3 | Make Memories

Kayaking, crocodile diving, bungy-jumping and ziplining. These are just a few of the activities you can do if you’re up for some heart-racing activities in Cape Town. Mix it up with some cultural activities like a paintertainment session at Art Jamming and an amuse & vintage wine pairing experience. Just think of the pics.

4 | Eat, Eat, Eat, Repeat

The bloating tip only applies for the wedding day (right?), so go crazy the week before. Nothing beats eating out with the girls. Champagne brunches, lazy lunches at HQ and loads of wine and sushi (at Active Sushi, duh) for dins. Live it up before you’re chained down (joking) (or am I?).

5 | Quality Time With Your Queens

Seriously though, nothing quite beats early morning coffee and catch-ups, ugly crying through chick-flicks, too much wine, and all the laughs with your favourite females. Of course you’re excited to be marrying the man of your dreams, but this is the week to appreciate the women who have carried you up to this very moment.

What other banging bridal week activities would you include? Let us know in the comment section below.

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