Let’s Cheers To The Beers Of The World

Let’s have a serious talk for a second, because I need to tell you about a very important day that is coming up. Are you sitting down? Are you listening? I’d even recommend putting your phone on silent while you read this – unless you’re reading this on your phone. Then just ignore the incoming messages and phone calls, because THIS IS IMPORTANT. It’s International Beer Day soon. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, you may celebrate, jump up and down and “woo!” in delight at the thought of a WHOLE DAY dedicated to the celebration of beer. To commemorate this wondrous occasion, we’ve picked out a few of the best spots to sample your favourite beers.

Save water. Have a few beers at one of these places across South Africa.

Cape Town

Beerhouse Cape Town

Located on buzzing Long Street (pun intended), Beerhouse, in their own words, have 99 different beers on their wall and 25 of the finest beers on tap. You should definitely take the time to munch on a Beerhouse burger while enjoying a delicious brew.

Den Anker

If you’re looking for top imported Belgian beer, then Den Anker is the place for you. Tickle your taste buds with a house beverage, or try their beer tasting and experience the very best that Belgium has to offer.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

The name says it all – Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is proudly Capetonian and offers a range of beers, including their famous Devil’s Peak Lager and Devil’s Peak Pale Ale. Celebrate the people who brew our cold ones with a tasting at this iconic brewery.

Johannesburg and Pretoria

Craft Beer Library

The only library you’ll want to be in on International Beer Day is the Craft Beer Library. Their passion for South African craft beers and ciders is coupled with good food and a unique environment, creating the best combination for every avid beer lover.

Beerhouse Centurion

When it hits beer o’clock, Beerhouse is definitely the place to be. No, you aren’t experiencing a weird moment of déjà vu, I did also mention Beerhouse in Cape Town. Luckily there’s enough beer to go around… all the way around to Johannesburg and Centurion. *insert dancing girl emoji here*

The Belgian Restaurant & Kroeg

This one’s a treat. The Belgian is home to the largest selection of Belgian craft beer in South Africa, so if you’ve got 81 spaces on your Belgian beer bucket list, then you’ll be able to tick every one of those off here. They also have a few wines and gin, so there’s something for everyone!


Alfresco’s Sports Bar

Ocean views? Check. Delicious pizzas prepared in a wood burning oven? Check. All the draught beer my heart can desire? Check. Am I getting on a plane and going there now? Check!


The Great Railroad Brewing Company

Did you know that Ballito has it’s very own Micro Brewery? It does! Take a tour and see what makes their beer unlike any other.

And if beer really isn’t for you, then try make some of your own Hard Rock Cafe cocktails! Now let’s raise a toast to some of the best beer spots that South Africa has to offer. Where are some of your fave spots? Let me know 🙂

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