Parent’s Night Out – You Ready?

Being a parent is a tough job. Little sleep, stretched patience and no pay. It’s all about the nappies, formula and school fees. Money’s tight and date nights are rare. Luckily, the ENTERTAINER has got you covered! Go and book that babysitter, ‘coz it’s parent’s night out! And with the hundreds of 2-for-1 specials you’ll find in your App around the city, you’ll be able to afford that elusive, much-needed date night.

Looking for the perfect date night? Check out our Romantic Restaurants in South Africa.

You actually clicked on the link to read this article (shem). But it means you feel us and that you’re in need of some #Datespiration for your next ‘parent’s night out’, so here you go:


Nervous about a real-life date night? Hey, it’s scary leaving the kids for the first time! What about easing into your dating adventures with a lazy Saturday afternoon lunch? The Wild Fig promises a roaring fire, live music and a mouth-watering menu. This is the perfect way to spend a wintery afternoon and still get home in time to tuck your kids into bed.


“Grown up” milkshakes? Say no more. Mama is on her way. Ice-cream and alcohol are the ingredients needed for a great night out… or so I’ve heard. The unique and refreshing decor lends itself to an elegant night of dining.


99 bottles of beer on the wall… that’s right! If you’re a fan of beer and/or making your hubby a happy guy on date night, why not try Beerhouse? Relive your glory days in a relaxed social setting, try some hand-crafted beer and chat about anything other than the kids. The ‘schnacks’ will go down well as a treat with a cold beer in hand! Pizza is now also available on the menu.


Indecisive? Mind too tired to make a decision? This spot will take away all of the stress of choosing your meal – steak, chips and salad is the order of the day. What more do you actually need? The interior is Parisian-inspired and will leave you feeling like you’re sitting in a contemporary French steakhouse rather than in the middle of Cape Town. Sip a delicious cocktail, enjoy your steak and listen to the live house music.


This cosy, welcoming restaurant is perfect for colder evenings. A glass of sangria, a front-row seat to bustling Sea Point life and decadent gourmet meals are sure to ease those parenting frustrations and revive those earlier days of independence!


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, The Cape Town Comedy Club is the perfect place for a night out! In addition to world class comedians and entertainment you can sit back and enjoy great food, laugh and just have fun.

You know what, why not go for a night cap after dinner? I mean, the kids are sleeping already… #FoodForThought. Or is it #DrinksForThought. Who cares, point is – GO ON THAT DATE!


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