Cape Town’s Best Outdoor Activities (Squeeze ‘Em In Quick!)

Cape Town’s best outdoor activities are pretty much the best in the world. By far. And with the many benefits of spending time outdoors, there’s no excuse not to do all of them. But we all know that feeling; you blink and summer is almost over. Once that first rainy day kicks in, you’re going to be wishing you did all the summer activities while you had the chance.

So, with winter right around the corner, you better squeeze in some last minute summer fun. From surfing and karting to crocodile diving in the winelands, we’ve found some of Cape Town’s best outdoor activities to get your heart racing.


1 | Mixed Group Lesson with Cape Town Surf School

Ready to ride a wave? Cape Town Surf School offers group sessions for kids and adults. If an elevated level of adrenaline on the waves excites you, then this outdoor activity is your perfect match. Plus, if you glance out onto the horizon, you’ll get a great view of Table Mountain while you’re at it. The school provides a surfboard, wetsuit, rash vest and surf coach. Whatever the reason for your surfing lesson, one thing’s for certain: you’ll leave feeling elated, happy and calm for up to 24 hours after the session. Who knows, you may be a pro surfer in the making.

2 | Lap Race Kenilworth Karting

Does a lap race around a fast, well-built track at high speed get the adrenaline pumping? Then Kenilworth Karting should be added to your bucket list. An accessible, inexpensive neighbourhood sport awaits. Push, shove or jostle against others for the number 1 position in a safe, high-tech kart. Be warned, once you’ve tasted the thrill of an actual race, prepare yourself for more and more. Cape Town activities don’t get more fast-paced than this.

3 | 60 Minute Horse Trail with Mountain View Horse Trails

There’s a certain romance to riding a horse on a summer’s day. Mountain View Horse Trails offer 1-hour horse trails in the Botterberg and Philadelphia area. These trail rides will lead you through scenic routes and beautiful farmland, guided by experts and accompanied by the most gentle-natured horses. It’s a bucket list kind of thing.

4 | SWAT Paintball Session

A thrilling experience that you’re unlikely to forget. Blow off some steam, run wild or engage in a day of paint-splattered shenanigans. Paintball is a great team building exercise and the perfect way to de-stress. Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts come highly recommended to help reduce the impact of each paintball – making it totally appropriate as a winter activity, too ?

5 | Crocodile Cage Diving with African Croc Dive

A mere 30-minute drive from Cape Town, Le Bonheur Farm houses more than 1000 crocodiles. This hair-raising encounter takes you on an underwater journey while you observe the predators in their environment. Can you imagine seeing a crocodile’s thick tail and strong jaw up close? All dive equipment required (second-skins, booties, masks and towels) are provided at no extra cost. The only question remains, are you brave enough?

So, which of Cape Town’s best outdoor activities will you be squeezing in before it gets too cold?


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