Make Your Easter Weekend Itinerary Egg-stra AF

Did someone say hot-cross puns? Well even if they didn’t, you’ve got a whole lot coming your way. Along with the most egg-stra AF Easter weekend itinerary. Durbanites, we know you’re gonna love this.

*Remember you can’t use your ENTERTAINER on public holidays. That’s Friday and Monday (eep!) but don’t let that stop you from having the best weekend.


Thursday | TGIT

It’s not very often that your week ends on a Thursday, so make it count. Start your Easter weekend itinerary by waking up early and doing something outdoorsy. You’ve got the whole weekend to veg so why don’t you head to the Umhlanga prom for a lekker little walk. Grab a coffee and let the holiday vibes sink in (it’ll help you hit the office with a smile, we promise).

And then, more importantly, TGIT it up after work at Alchemy or Shakers. If you’re really up for a big night, head over to Crush.

Friday | Make Good Friday Egg-cellent

Every Friday is good. So why don’t you make Good Friday even better? Make it egg-cellent. Sleep in. Drink hot chocolate. Have that gluten-filled hot cross bun you’ve been eyeing all week. (Recover from your night at Crush). But, whatever you do, don’t get out of your PJ’s. There is no reason to leave the house while your ENTERTAINER App is hibernating.

Saturday | Egg-zit The House

OK, maybe not our best pun of the day but true, nonetheless. Today is the one day over the Easter weekend that you can use your App so make the most of it. Start the day with a promenade cycle at Xpression on the Beach. Make sure you work up enough of an appetite to hit The Shed for lunch, because you have to order one of everything, it’s just that good. End the day off with a scream-worthy, belly-laughing activity – the 5D theatre.

Sunday | Time For An Easter Egg-stravaganza

Kids or no kids, turn Easter Sunday into an egg-stravaganza. Hide eggs around the house and surprise everyone with the best Easter hunt they’ve ever been on. To make it a tad more competitive, offer the winning Easter egg hunter a ping of their favourite ENTERTAINER offer (we know a milkshake from The Junk Yard will make things extra competitive).

Monday | No Egg-scuses

Today is the perfect day to do something you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t had the time. Why don’t you get back into painting or practicing your yoga? Go for a hike. Play with the kids. We get so caught up in doing so much all the time that sometimes we forget that the most important things are the smallest things. Do them, today.

Tuesday | Time To Egg-sercise

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but yes, the Easter weekend is over. And you’re probably nursing the world’s biggest hangover (yes, sugar hangovers are a thing too, kids). So why don’t you detox the bod and hit the gym? For a fun training class, try Live Fit for a month at half price with your ENTERTAINER.

How’s that for the most egg-stra Easter weekend itinerary?

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