Make May A Mother’s Month, Durban

Mother’s month. Seems more fitting than just a day, right? They birth you, feed you, pay for you and literally give up their lives (and bodies) to make you a happy little brat. That’s why we think it’s impossible to celebrate our moms in one day.

So let’s make May a mother’s month. With the ENTERTAINER’s 2-for-1 offers, there’s no reason not to extend the spoilings (because you can get spoilt too, for free nogal). And, to make it even easier, we’ll show you how.


1 | Weekly Lunch Dates

Once a week for the month of May, instead of lunch-breaking with the usual colleagues, call mum up and treat her to lunch. Try African Roots (every mom’s favourite), Conscious Café, Nadia’s Curry Café or just let her choose her fave. If you live out of town, ping her 4 of her favourite ENTERTAINER offers and tell dad to take her.

2 | Spa Spoils

Manis, pedis, facials, full body massages, hot stone massages, haircuts and beautifying treatments – how are you supposed to fit all these spoilings into one day? Hence, mother’s month. We know that you might have work commitments, so send mom and granny off for daily spa spoils. Try Ginkgo Spa, Hello Hunny, La Belle Vie, La Vita, Teremok or one of the many other spas on the ENTERTAINER. Not only will mom and gran look and feel younger, they will feel as special as they deserve to.

3 | Mom On The Loose

For mother’s month, Fridays shouldn’t be excluded. Show ma that you really care by saying no to TGIF dranks after work and take mom out instead. A gin tasting board at Alchemy would definitely go down well. Or try Lucky Shaker for their incredible cocktails. For the non-drinking mom, head on down to Khuluma on Station Drive for a delish 2-for-1 beverage. Remember, she couldn’t drink for 9 whole months because of you. You owe her one.

4 | Mother’s Month Bonding Activities

Durban is not short on awesome activities so why not take mom on a few outings before work? It’d probably be good for you too. A cycle on the Durban promenade with Xpression on the Beach is the perfect way to catch up while enjoying some exercise. Grab coffee at Rox Coffee in Umhlanga and watch the sunrise on the beach. Or head on up to Assagay Coffee Farm on the weekend for a coffee tour and tasting. These may be small gestures from you but will mean the world to your mom.

5 | A Mom’s Weekend

By far the most ultimate mother’s month activity would be to take her away for a night; just the two of you. Surprise her with a staycation at Silver Oaks Boutique Hotel or whisk her away for a weekend in Stellenbosch at the Evergreen Manor & Spa. It might burn a small hole in your pocket but it will create a memory of a lifetime.

6 | Mother’s Day

On actual Mother’s Day, we suggest buying your mom some flowers and making her some brekkie in bed. You can’t use your App so it’s a good time to spoil her at home and spend some quality time with the fam.

How are you going to spoil your mom for mother’s month? Let us know in the comments section below.


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