Durban’s Best Toasted Chicken Mayo

“Nah, not really a fan of chicken mayo sarmies, hey”, said no South African, ever. Because we all know that it’s the most versatile (and delicious) (and cheap) meal. Feeling peckish? Chicken mayo. Got some leftover chicken from Sunday lunch (because who eats the breast, honestly)? Chicken mayo. Feeling hungover? Chicken mayo. Feeling normal? Chicken mayo. But where to find Durban’s best toasted chicken mayo – now that’s the big question.

Mugg & Bean is my usual go-to for a reliably tasty chicken mayo. But as a connoisseur of this particular dish, I was curious to see what else Durban had to offer. Where could I go when I was dealing with tangy chicky mayo withdrawals, and needed a quick fix? After much research and personal testing, I’ve sourced some of Durban’s best toasted chicken mayos.

Bonus: they’re all at 2-for-1 prices with the ENTERTAINER.



This little café in Umhlanga offers the most decadent chicken mayo. In. The. World. Firstly, they source the bread fresh each morning from the Glenwood Bakery. They butter thick slices on both sides and fill ’em with free-range chicken breast, smothered in a tangy mayo. Although it doesn’t come with chippies, the salad on the side is ah-mazing. This is a sarmie to be scoffed.


Okay, I know this is all about chicken mayos but I just need to make special mention of the thin McDonald’s-style chips served with my sandwich at Fabrica. Perfectly crispy and sprinkled with that divine mystery orange spice (which I always thought was just cayenne pepper until I actually tasted cayenne pepper). Worth an even extra mention is that the All Gold tomato sauce comes in a clean-rimmed bottle. Nice one, Fabrica! And then, their chicken mayo: crispy on the outside and dripping with chicken goodness on the inside. Simple, but downright delish.


Carlien’s is the place to come if you’re the value-for-money-type. Here, you’ll get served a chicken mayo that you’ll think is for the whole table, only to find that there are more are on the way. A generous serving of chips on the side, and you’re well on your way to getting a doggy-bag. Carlien’s offers a cosy environment near Gateway, but is tucked away from all the hustle and bustle.


If you feel like a bit of DIY, you can always throw your own chicken mayo sarm together. Take your leftover chicken, tear it into little shreds and add some mayo (I love the Woolies burger mayo, personally). Mix it all together in a bowl and add some gherkins, onions and grated carrot for a bit of health. Make two slices of toast and load on the chicken mayo mix.

And there you have it, folks! Some of Durban’s best toasted chicken mayo sarmies. Go give them a try and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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