5 Vibey Vegetarian-Friendly Spots In Cape Town

Meatless May might be over, but we know that more and more people are becoming vegetarian or leaning towards it every single day. So, today I will be sharing a couple of my fave vegetarian-friendly spots in Cape Town with you (bonus: they are all on the ENTERTAINER app). That means that if you buy one meal, you get another meal absolutely free. And we all like saving, right?

No need to look any further, guys. Here are my top vegetarian-friendly spots in Cape Town:


Hudson’s have a vegetarian burger called the ‘The Stomper’ and let’s just say it stomped my heart in all the right spots. It’s made with a falafel patty, tomato relish, julienne veg, jalapeno, beetroot, yoghurt and Sriracha. There’s another vegetarian burger called ‘The Stack’ which sounds just fabulous. There are a few other vegetarian-friendly meals so be sure to check out their menu.


This is such a cute vegetarian-friendly spot in Cape Town. I tried the nachos and they’re just perfect. I previously had their pressed sandwich with cheddar cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions – it was divine! They have a great range of vegetarian options and you will be sure to return for more!


You’re able create your own pizza with gluten free or Banting bases at Basilico. Their pasta is so freaking delicious I am drooling just thinking about it. They were kind enough to replace the chicken with mushrooms in their ‘Flame Grilled Chicken Fillet’ pasta and it hit all the right spots! There are many vegetarian-friendly options to try here and, as an added bonus, they have quite a pleasant view.


Indian curries always bring the heat, especially in winter, thus this list would not be complete without an Indian vegetarian-friendly spot in Cape Town. Moksh has a delightful menu that will tantalize your taste buds; their Paneer Tikka Masala is to die for!


Now, they must be the queen of all vegetarian-friendly spots in Cape Town. Although I have never been to an all-vegetarian food place, it sounds like it would be perfect for me! They have a zucchini pasta with sunflower seeds, lemon and avocado pesto which just sounds epic. I’m definitely going to try them out very soon! For more inspiration to visit them, see how much fun you can have there.

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