Get Out During Lockdown: 8 Legal Ways

We know you’re feeling cabin-feverish, claustrophobic, and possibly on the verge of emancipation, divorce, or first-degree murder. But, you’re also a hero (seriously!) for staying home and saving the lives of your fellow Saffas. So, take a moment to pat yourself on the back, sip some of your stockpiled champers, turn on your favourite playlist, and make a toast to your awesome self.

Then, take a moment to thank us. Because we’re about to save you from your cheating (at Monopoly, of course) partner, snotty kids, and that dreaded 1000-piece puzzle. Here are 8 banging Cyril-approved ways to get out during lockdown (and support innovative local businesses while you’re at it):


1 | Get out of your lounge and into Schalk’s

Besides easy access to alcohol, we’re finding that the thing people are missing the most during the lockdown is flipping good company (because the family just doesn’t cut it, sorry guys). To help with the loneliness, one of our favourite humans, Schalk Bezuidenhout, provides a laugh a minute with his authentic home videos of his ma’s tuin, pa’s eating habits, and hilariously relatable ways of keeping entertained from home. Get away from your fam for a bit, and spend some time with Schalk’s – your soul will thank you for it.

2 | If you can’t go to the club, bring the club to you

KZN Wedding DJ might have changed the jolling game for life, guys. Put on your comfiest pair of PJs, pour yourself a party drink (we’re thinking cane and Creme Soda or brandy and Coke because #localislekker), and turn up the volume while Jarryd Sunkel provides you with ALL the personality, tunes, and good vibes you need. Once you’ve danced the night away from the comfort of your home, we’ve got a feeling you’re going to be begging for post-lockdown virtual parties. Follow their Facebook page for the time and date of their next Lockdown sesh – we’ll ‘see’ you there.

3 | Let your locks down with Secret Sunrise

This one’s for all the movers, shakers, and crazy-makers. The beloved Secret Sunrise might be based on human connection, but that’s not stopping them from getting all of their loyal and much-loved fans together. Using the Zoom app, you can still join in on one of their many invigorating virtual sessions. Experience the magic of music, movement, and super-soulful early morning rising, without even having to leave your room.

4 | Spread some lockdown love with virtual volunteering

Okay, we know we told you that you’re a hero for staying at home, but in all honesty, that just makes you a law-abiding citizen. If you want to truly become a hero, hop online and virtually volunteer at one of the desperately needy organizations during this national crisis. TEARS, whilst caring for homeless doggos, offers an online portal of activities that you can do with your furry friend – in return, a donation would save little puppy-eyed lives. For humanitarians, the South African NGO forgood is looking for anyone willing to get involved with virtual volunteering. People with digital skills can offer their time to help small NGOs and businesses in need, otherwise, donations to any of their many #CoronaVirus campaigns can help save lives. DO IIIIT!

5 | Put on your safari gear and take a trip to the game reserve

Yes, just yes. This awesome idea has been initiated by the beautiful Tintswalo and Shamwari Lodges, and we’re obsessed. Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, pack the cooler-box with some ice and Amarula, and grab the binos. Let some of South Africa’s best guides take you on a virtual game-watching experience. The best part? It’s free – so the whole family can partake.

6 | Put on your takkies and get in front of the TV

Missing your daily yoga and much-needed outings to the gym? With Wild Thing’s yoga in the cloud, GI Jane’s home workouts, and a multitude of free online exercise programs, you can lay your mat out on the lawn, hop online, and have access to a world of exercise. For those doing 42km loops around the garden, we love you, but we won’t be following suit.

7 | Breathe your way into a better mindset

The Chocolate Pretzel might not be able to physically get you out of your house, but mentally she can. Breathing your way out of cabin fever is a real thing, so, find a comfy spot, close your eyes, and just breathe. Before you know it, you’ll be floating in the clouds with no worries.

Why breathing is important:

  1. Breathing is our vitality, it oxygenates our vital organs to keep us alive

2. Gets rid of waste products that stagnate in the body

3. It acts as the link between our body and mind

4. It helps to control emotions and fears and keep a clear, sharp mind.

5. Breathing keeps you present

8 | Watch fellow Saffas surviving lockdown

And, finally, when you’ve run out of things to do, you’re feeling lonely AF, and your hopes are slowly dying, trust in the internet and a bunch of bored South Africans to help you get out the house and into theirs. And don’t forget to share the love by posting what you’re up to in these challenging times.

The ENTERTAINER is on lockdown, too, but we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you’ve been up to, and how you’ve been ‘getting out’, in the comment section below.


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