9 New Offers For Indecisive Foodies

Attention indecisive foodies! We all know that food makes the world go round, but the only problem is that there’s just too much good food to choose from these days. Luckily, the Entertainer app has added some awesome new merchants across South Africa, with loads of exciting offers that curb every sweet, brunch, burger (I could go on all day) craving that you may have.

Indecisive foodies take note.

Here’s a taste of everything you could be eating this month.



If I moustache you a question about where to eat this weekend, Mustacchio should be the answer. Beers, burgers, and beards… need I say more? P.s. they have a waffle burger. A WAFFLE BURGER! Be daring and try it out, or choose from a multitude of mouth-watering 2-for-1 mains.


Nothing beats mom’s good old homemade pasta… except maybe Nonna’s style pasta from Stepbrothers. #JustSaying

Obz Café

This Observatory establishment has a little bit of everything (giving you all the more reason to visit again and again), so grab a 2-for-1 main or tickle your tastebuds and check out their Cheers house beverage offer. Oh, and did I mention their wood burning pizza oven? If that doesn’t beat the winter blues, I don’t know what will.


The Good Luck Club

Dim sum. And then dim sum more at this hot spot Asian fusion hangout. Gobble up their noodles, Thai curry and other mouth-watering specials. You can thank me later.


This sweet little coffee and cake shop in Illovo not only offers sweet treats, but also yummy breakfast and lunch options (because brunch is always a necessity). They also have cute and artsy things going on in-store that perfectly complement their unique 2-for-1 eats.


I’m not joking when I say that my phone has been flooded with Whatsapps from the Entertainer team about the new Haagen-Dazs offers. This proves that it’s never too cold to enjoy decadent classic scoops, drinks, or yummy ice cream creations. BRB, I’m getting another message.


So Whipped

Pastries, cakes, and world-class coffee all in one place? I’m not kidding. You’ll be so whipped (see what I did there?) after you indulge in their 2-for-1 cupcakes.

The Daily

This New York meets Karoo café will definitely become a key ingredient to your day. Sip on a cuppa (for the days when you’re too tired to perfect your own cup of AeroPress coffee at home) and devour a breakfast while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Plus there’s free Wi-Fi, so you can upload all the #foodie photos you want.

The Bangkok Kitchen

I have always wanted to travel the world, and Thailand is near the very top of my list. If you’re anything like me and want to experience authentic Thai cuisine, then look no further. Perfected by Thai master chefs, the very best of Thailand is offered on a plate right here in the heart of Durban. No flights required.

There’s a meal for every craving, my dear indecisive foodies, and if you’re still feeling unsure, then a quick game of eenie meenie miney mo may do the trick. Don’t forget to check out the Entertainer app for more offers and let me know your faves. 🙂

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