Super Sneaky ENTERTAINER 2018 Secrets

New year, new ENTERTAINER 2018, right? RIGHT. If you’re a superfan of the App, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that things look a little different. Even though the basics are still the same (read more about those here), there are a few new and exciting additions. And because we really want you to get the most out of your App this year, we’ve rounded up a few super sneaky ENTERTAINER 2018 secrets that you need to know:

Try Before You Buy

If you’re on the fence about whether the App is for you, then who even are you? I’m joking. But seriously, you can download a free version of the ENTERTAINER, which comes with a Welcome Gift. You’ll then have access to oodles of free offers under Fashion & Retail, Everyday Services, and ENTERTAINER Getaways! That way, you can experience the rush of redeeming that vacay to Thailand before realising that you can’t live without the App.

Where can I find the App?
The App is available to download on the iStore or Google Play. All you have to do is register! P.s. we’ll never ask you for banking details during registration.

And if you’ve already bought your app, then pay attention to the following ENTERTAINER 2018 secrets.

Compete with Friends

You know what’s even better than saving on a daily basis? Showing off those savings to the world. And to make things a little more competitive, you can add your friends to a leaderboard on the App. This’ll show you exactly how much your friends have saved, and it’ll be a constant reminder that you’re beating them ? Did someone say celebratory sundowners at Den Anker for the winner? Yes, we did.

How do I add friends to my leaderboard?
Go to your settings in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on “Connect to Friends” and follow the prompts. To check your leaderboard, just go to your profile and select the group icon located under your email address.

Say Goodbye to User Pins

You know that moment when you go to redeem an offer and it asks for your pin, but you can’t seem to remember it because you’ve got so many accounts and passwords and other pins? Well fear no more, because user pins are gone! So now when you want to redeem your fave burger offer at Hudsons, all you have to do is click on it, and hand your phone to the waiter. Done.

How do I let them know that I want to use the ENTERTAINER?
Let the waiter know that you’d like to use your ENTERTAINER before you request the bill. Some places require you to call ahead and make a booking, so please check your offer beforehand.

Say Hello to New Offers

We’re shaking things up a little this year. In addition to the 2 for 1 offers, we’ve also introduced a few more amazing types that you can redeem. You can now spend this, get that, so you get a fixed amount back, when you spend a certain amount. So let’s say you spend R500 at Gary Player Golf Country Club, you’ll get R75 off!

Or you can get a percentage off when you redeem. For example, you can get 20% off when you buy six bottles of wine at Backsberg Tasting Room. How amazing is that?

Where do I find these new offers?
Search for the offer you’d like to redeem, and have a look at the icon. In addition to the title, the icon indicates which type of offer it will be.

Sign in on ALL the Devices

This one is one of our biggest ENTERTAINER 2018 secrets, so prepare yourself. You can actually log into your App on up to ten devices. Yep, TEN. Which means you can have your ENTERTAINER on your phone, your work phone, your iPad, your work tablet, and even on your friend’s phone juuust in case you forget yours at home when you’re nipping out for a little Sugarlicious (because I’ve done that so many times at this point).

Can someone else use my App?
If you want to stay logged in on your friend’s phone, then they will be able to use your App. Just remember that you only get a certain amount of offers, so if you’re both interested in the same places then your friend should get their hands on their own ENTERTAINER ?

Now go, my friend, and make the most of your App using these ENTERTAINER 2018 secrets ? (And read our Rules of Use and ENTERTAINER App Hacks for more info).

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