As you might guess, we get to meet a lot of really cool people at the Entertainer. Benike Palfi is an actor, writer and the goddess behind I Love Foodies – and she happens to be a fan of our app. (We love you too, Beniks!). This week, she tried out one of our new Cheers offers for 2017: the 2-for-1 cocktail special at The Odyssey. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to find out a little more about her brand (plus her review of the restaurant, of course).

Benike, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a somewhat crazy but fun-loving individual, always cheerful, always bubbly, making the most of life every second of every day. That’s what I Love Foodies is about as well – the good times, the happy times, the healthy times!

Anything new on the cards for your brand in 2017?

This year we’re focusing more on the health aspect of things: You have to live healthy to live well! But a little cheating here and there is totally okay.

Which drink did you choose to have with your Cheers offer at The Odyssey?

I went for the Elderflower Collins – ‘cos I love elderflower! It was super refreshing, light and easy-drinking.

What did you think of the restaurant?

I’ve been to Odyssey a few times before and it’s nicer every time I go. We went late afternoon and it was pretty chilled – with a relaxed yet intimate atmosphere.

Thanks for chatting to us, Benike – we can’t wait to follow your foodie adventures this year.

Now, friends, take note: if you don’t have the Entertainer app yet (seriously?!), Benike’s got you covered. Use the code ILOVEFOODIES during checkout to get 10% off. You’re welcome 🙂



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