Travel Tips For The Adventure Seekers

What does travelling mean to you? Do you see it as an adventure, a long plane trip to a foreign land, or days/weeks of road-tripping through stunning landscapes? Perhaps you see travelling as something more comfortable and luxurious? Whatever it might be, we could all use some extra travel tips. Since I’ve done rugged as well as luxurious travel, I’m super excited to share my advice with you. Hopefully my list will make you more savvy for your next adventure, while also inspiring you to actually book that trip you’ve been contemplating.

Thus, without further rambling, I shall dive into my travel tips:

1. Do Your Research

Put yourself into secret agent mode, and research as much as you possibly can. I cannot overstate this enough. Proper research has allowed me to find many hidden gems in the past, which have really boosted my travels. Once you’ve found these, make a list and add it to your travel essentials.

I also firmly believe that you shouldn’t go to a location purely because it’s a hotspot. Let’s take the tropical paradise of Mauritius. It’s one of the obvious destinations to go to if you’re looking for endless white sandy beaches, towering palm trees, and luxurious hotels. However, if you’ve actually done your research, you’ll find that Mauritius has so much more to offer than the tourist stretch – like the tiny islet of île aux Aigrettes, which is home to various critically endangered animals.

2. Reach Out

This is one of my favourite travel tips, as it involves interaction with people and fellow creatives. Personally, an adventure is only as fun as the people I get to go with and meet along the way. I usually start with Instagram research when I go to a new location. Through my experience, I’ve always been met with excitement and even offers to stay over, hang out or go on photography missions together.

If you’re shy, remember this: Most Instagrammers are social people who are part of the community because they love and thrive on the adventures surrounding photography and travel. Also, you can be almost guaranteed that most of them will have similar interests to you, so meeting up will always result in pure fun!

3. Do It Right

Unless you’re wealthy or lucky enough to find regular opportunity, your next adventure might be the only one for a long time, which is why you must ensure that you do it right. Plan as much as you possibly can, and go through all the paces. Do things that may seem like unnecessary admin or insignificant at the time; they may become important. For example, if you leave a main road to go exploring, please use an app that will map the route. You never know how many different little routes you may encounter (nor how difficult it might be to find your way back).

As humans we long for adventure, we strive for the excitement of a new place; to see the endless beauty of this world with our own eyes. Make the most of the opportunities you get. And remember, be observant, never drop your guard, and always pay attention to your surroundings. Have fun and travel safely.

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