Laughing At The 2018 Cape Town Launch

Let’s cut to the chase: our Cape Town launch was a blast.

The Capetonian sense of humour is spot on! I mean, the level of fun everyone had at Cape Town Comedy Club for our ENTERTAINER 2018 Cape Town launch was next level. I’m actually in one of those situations where I’m unable to accurately explain the evening from start to finish… but I’ll do my best.

The welcome drinks, sponsored by Cape Town Gin and Fitch & Leedes (you guys are absolutely fantastic ?), the great conversation, the Heineken beer & Spier wine (which lubricated those ‘great conversations’ ?) and the fun Hashtag Printing station – every element of the night was spot on. Not to mention the incredible team at Cape Town Comedy Club and the FAB comedic line-up who a played huge role in ensuring we TRENDED ON TWITTER. Thanks so much guys, we really could not have done it without any of you.

So, who were the masterminds that entertained us? (Pun intended.)

Let’s just quickly go back to that FAB line-up I mentioned. To say that Mel Jones was an entertaining MC would be an understatement. She was ON FIRE! Following that hawt lady was the hilarious first act, Khanyiso Kenqa. Now look, I’m not a cry-laugher (if that’s even a word, but you get what I mean, right?), but this guy made me laugh so hard I had to go fix my makeup. Then, on to the main act. The saying “save the best for last” is quite relevant in this case. Rob van Vuuren! I think there were a couple of people who actually nearly fell off their chairs. No jokes. I laughed inappropriately loud, and I don’t even care. Well done, guys! You truly made the evening, in my honest opinion.

I should also add that no show, especially a stand-up comedy show, can be successful if the audience doesn’t have a sense of humour. To all the guests, thank you for being so interactive and for having a lot of gees.

P.S. please go find your photo in the FB album and tag yourself. Have fun!

As I only joined the ENTERTAINER family in July this year, I sadly didn’t attend last year’s launch event. But if you are interested to see the fun they had back then, go check it out here.

I think It’s safe to say that, based on the Cape Town launch event, 2018 is gonna be a helluva year for The ENTERTAINER! But for now, holiday is calling my name way too loud.

K, byyyyye ?


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