What Your Avo Order Says About You

Hi, my name is Nicola, and I’m an avo addict. And if you clicked on this, then I’m sure you are too. So, welcome! Avocados have become a worldwide sensation, being enjoyed in many different forms by millennials and avo-lovers alike. Not only have they dominated Instagram feeds, they have also taken over menus. Which means you’ve probably tried all the avo dishes at every one of your fave restaurants at this point, but have you ever taken a moment between bites to wonder exactly what your avo order says about you? No? Well, let’s see!

Pick your fave avo order, and find out a little something about yourself:


What a classic. If you feel yourself gravitating towards the creamy open toast option, then you enjoy the simple things in life, like a stroll through the wilderness, or taking the time to admire the gorgeous views from the Cape Wheel. You’re anything but reckless. Just like adding that daring pinch of cayenne pepper to your creamy open toast avo order at Gorge or Knead Bakery, the risks you take are well thought out and are always rewarding.


You’re constantly on the go, but you take the time to make sure your body gets the proper nutrients in the process. You’re the health nut that can juggle a busy work day, and still find the energy to do that boxing class, or have your own yoga sesh at home. We salute (and envy) you!


You’re fun, energetic, and fiery. And if there’s a party, you’re probably the one who started it (and brought the guac). Adventure and avos are what keep you going in life, so you probably fill your evenings and weekends with dranks with the guys or gals at San Deck, riding those waves, or trying out new places (like Salsa Mexican Grill) to get your spicy guacamole fix.


No matter what the dish, you go for anything avo. Which means you’re super easy-going, and enjoy everything that comes your way. You can get down with the best of them at Stones, but you’ll never say no to a little R&R and pampering at La Vita Spa. Because you go with the (avo) flow, you can handle anything that life throws at you. Especially if life throws you avos.


Now go and celebrate avos with the same enthusiasm as the woman below. [Sound on for full effect.]

Avo great day.

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