50% Off Facial Peels TO DO Before Summer

50% off facial peels. Why would we be so kind, you ask? Because, well, being red and flaky, and breaking the bank just doesn’t seem fair (at least until that new, dewy, fresh layer appears and then you’re all, like, TAKE MY MONEYYY). And, because, at the ENTERTAINER we’re all about getting out, feeling good, looking good, and saving buck. (Especially the saving buck part).

And, what better time than now to get 50% off facial peels? In this wintery weather, you’re not about to hurry off down to the beach or knock back cocktails in the sun on the verandah. No, you’re defs all over your couch rn – literally the perfect time to peel all over the house and emerge (in summer) looking like a glowing goddess. So, here’s our list of South Africa’s best facial peel deals.


Chemical Peels


Advanced Beauty Clinic | Claremont

50% Off: Lamelle Lactic Peel, Image Enzymatic Peel

A lactic peel is a nice, mild, chemical peel. It uses, as the name suggests, lactic acid to peel away the top layer of your skin. The results? improved skin tone and a less porous appearance. Also, Lamelle is a proudly South African brand, making this peel particularly appealing. And, with our 50% discount, it will only set you back R245 – an absolute steal!

CliniMed | Parklands

50% Off: Microneedling & Two Chemical Peels

Microneedling is the craze at the moment, for one good reason: It works. Basically, you’ll have loads of tiny (clean) needles puncturing your skin and traumatising all the wrinkles, acne, and scarring away. This, paired with two chemical peels, and a 50% discount = R1300 to perfect skin. Say, what!?

Little Day Dream Beauty Studio | Tamboerskloof

50% Off: Image Signature Lift Peeling

Ever dreamt of waking up and your saggy skin and wrinkles have lifted, making you look like a 10-year younger you? Well, now you can turn them into a reality. With a flipping lift peel. Only R600 to look younger? We don’t know about you, but we’re in.

Pulse Dermatology & Laser | Durbanville

50% Off: Micropen & Vitamin Peeling

Vitamin peels are awesome because they’re designed to work with your specific skin needs. A Vitamin A peel is full of antioxidants which help repair the skin and the vitamin C peel uses ascorbic acid to peel away the top layer of skin. These peels are gentle on your skin and require little to no recovery time (and Pulse offers them + micropen for only R900, eep). Definitely the best option for nervy or first-time peelers.


Meraki Aesthetic & Beauty Studio | Fourways

50% Off: Schrammek Green Peel

We all want to look and feel younger, and the best place to start is – your face. With the Schrammek green peel, you’ll achieve results immediately if you’re lucky. This au naturale peel lightens dark marks and gives skin a younger, brighter look, sometimes as quickly as after one. single. use. It might be on the slightly expensive side (at R1650 after the 50% discount) but, you know what they say, goedkoop is duurkoop. And we agree with them, whoever they are.

Lift & Tuck | Waterkloof

50% Off: Dermal Peel

A dermal peel is a type of chemical peel that provides a light (but efficient), quick-recovering, and skin-smoothing peel. It doesn’t heal deep scarring or wrinkles but definitely improves the skin’s appearance (which is kind of all that matters, right!?). Lift & Tuck offers a dermal peel at an awesome, half-price, R500.

Skin Roots Advanced Skincare Clinic | Queenswood

50% Off: Chemical Peeling

OK, so, a chemical peel is basically that peel that makes people pink and blistery, and their skin is literally falling off their face and everyone wants to vom. It’s terr-i-fy-ing. And then, they emerge two weeks later (cue: jaw drop). They have the softest, baby-bottomest skin you have ever seen. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Yes, it’s gross. But, also, YES, it’s totally worth it (especially when it’s only R350 at Skin Roots).

Azure Beauty Salon | Kingfisher Shopping Centre

50% Off: 30 Min Facial Peel

YES. We love that this peel is so self-explanatory. A nice, quick, skin fix for the busy lads and ladies out there. You could literally grab lunch, hit up the spa and return to the office with a brand new face. And it’ll only set you back R450.


Total Skin & Body | Berea

50% Off: Facial Peel

This awesome little hidden gem in Durban offers a little bit of everything (beauty-related). And with their 50% off facial peels being only R450, why not get a few other sneaky beauty treatments while you’re at it. Nothing like walking out with a pink, puffy face and the most fab nails.

Aesthetic Makeover Studio | Umhlanga

50% Off: Chemical Peel

Durbs is killing it with awesome new spas. The Neostrata chemical peel offered at Aesthetic Makeover Studio is only R450 with the ENTERTAINER and it’s FAB. It is described as a “superficial to medium-strength” facial peel, meaning that it will give you a photographic look, but not deal with deeper-level skin problems. (We’re totally fine with photographic though, right!?).

Prestige Beauty | North Beach

50% Off: Dr. Schrammek Peel

Another beauty salon, this time in Durban, is offering the Dr. Schrammek peel. It’s just awesome. Not only is this peel herbal, and internationally renowned, it is also very well-reviewed by customers. It prides itself on giving you a fresh look, without the peeling effect, and is only R800 with your ENTERTAINER (sounds like an epic win-win-win, really).

Neno Skincare | Berea

50% Off: Pedi Peel Treatment

Ok, so we thought we’d give your tootsies some lovin’ too. Because nobody likes their own rough, dry, foot rubbing against their own leg in the middle of the night. Ew, just, no. So treat your beloved feet to a pedi peel at Neno Skincare.

Peels are known for being an excellent way to rejuvenate tired, dehydrated, and damaged skin. Whether you opt for a chemical peel or a more natural alternative, one thing is guaranteed: newer, brighter, and healthier skin.

So, guys, let us know which 50% off facial peels you picked? And, how was the experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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