Some-PING To Smile About

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ? Want to know why? Yes, most people are on holiday, and schools are closed. But it’s also the festive season! Which means ALL the decorations, not-so-hot chocolate (because South Africa is boiling hot already), and spoiling your friends and family. Because sharing is caring, and because that’s what we’re all about, the ENTERTAINER is giving you 1 000 PINGS to use until the end of December! So you can PING all your unused ENTERTAINER offers to your nearest and dearest.

Whether you need to cheer up your best friend by pinging her an offer for a glass of wine, or need to help out that tired colleague with the chance to get two large cups of coffee for the price of one, the ENTERTAINER‘s giving you the opportunity to make the people around you happy. To make life easier, we’ve come up with a few amazing offers we reckon your friends and family would just love to receive.

To the mother-in-law joking about your cooking, PING:

She’s not entirely wrong about your cooking. But you’ll never say that out loud. Here’s where a sneaky Mondiall, Wangthai, or Seared offer will buy you some time to take a cooking class (or two).

To the wife asking for a back massage, PING:

Let’s be honest, you probably have no idea how to give a good back massage in the first place. Instead of watching all those ‘How To’ YouTube videos, treat the lucky lady in your life and PING a back, neck & shoulder massage offer from Renaissance Spa (or have a look at the app to find one near you).

To the colleague who forgot to plan for the holidays, PING:

Chances are you know someone who planned to make plans over December, but never actually got around to it. Luckily they have you, and you have the ENTERTAINER! From a day of adventure at Acrobranch, to a night of creativity at Paint Nite, there are plenty of offers you can PING to a friend in need.

To the friend looking to get active without going to gym, PING:

This may seem like a tricky one, but there are actually quite a few things that she can do without stepping foot in a gym. And you’re here to show her the light! Bounce not only works your entire body, it’s also loads of fun, so it doesn’t feel like a workout.

Spread the love, and show it with a PING ?

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