6 Winter-Friendly Monthly Offers To Try In July

Just because it’s freezing outside – and SNOWING in Cape Town – it doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your bed all day err’day (although, this is quite tempting). I can assure you that there are plenty of wonderful things to do during these icy times to prevent you from going stir crazy. In fact, we’ve got quite a few 2-for-1 winter-friendly monthly offers on the App this month that are all guaranteed to entertain you and keep you safe from the cold. Plus, you can redeem them as many times as you want throughout July!

We can’t let winter win, guys. So stop being boring, layer up, and check out these winter-friendly Monthly Offers:


Salsa Mexican Grill | Nachos

Picturing hot, sandy beaches and crashing waves can’t help you warm up now. So, get out there and have a taste of Mexico instead. We’re talking two servings of warm, gooey nachos, all for the price of one. They’re also new on the App, so let’s show them some love.

The Warehouse Restaurant | Cocktail

There’s a fireplace. And 2-for-1 cocktails. Which essentially makes this a two-part heating system. The fireplace will keep you cosy on the outside, and the cocktail will make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It’s perfect, really. Last note: I don’t want to be that person, but please remember to drink responsibly (and take an Uber if you know you’ll be having a wild night).


Cafe Caprice | Main Course

It might be cold, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the beautiful beach views. Plus, you can munch on one of their 2-for-1 mains, and watch the World Cup, all in one place! Have a look at these alternative spots where you can catch a game and save while you’re at it.

Hudsons | Pizza

Winter carb cravings are a real thing. Luckily Hudsons is here to save the day with their 2-for-1 pizzas. Yes, you know them for their burgers, but their pizzas are equally as delicious. So you won’t be disappointed.


Views at Twenty 5 | Main Menu Item

Remember what I said about not letting winter win? Well you really can’t let the cold get between you and these gorgeous panoramic views and delicious, drool-worthy dishes. Live your life!

The Beauty Box | RegimA Deep Facial

It’s SUPER important to protect your skin in winter, ladies and gents. Which means now’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a facial. And remember, your next one is free if you use the ENTERTAINER. Speaking of treating yourself, you could stand the chance to win big with MOVEPRETTY & the ENTERTAINER. Click here for more info.

All of these amazing winter-friendly Monthly Offers are buy one get one free – BOOYEAH. Take that, winter.

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